Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12, 2007

The lady (Jackie) from the Parents as Teachers program came yesterday and did an evaluation of the boys that was very similar to the one done by the SoonerStart folks. It took a looonnng time to complete but I'm glad she did it because it was nice for us to see how far the boys have come since SoonerStart evaluated them not long after they came home.

Both boys scored very well on all of the areas of the evaluation. Their scores are not even close to being in the shaded areas, which would have indicated they are behind. They would have had a perfect score in Communication, except that they are not quite at the point where they are using two or more words together. However, she was very impressed at their large vocabulary and said we will most likely be seeing that within the next month or so. She said she saw many children this age who are not even close to having the vocabulary our little guys have and that amazed her, considering they listened to Russian for the first 15 or so months of their lives. I think it's pretty incredibly also.

Nick got a perfect score in gross motor skills and Ben had a perfect score in fine motor skills, which was kind of funny. I'm not too surprised by that though because Ben tends to be more inclined to sit and do something for an extended period that requires fine motor skills, whereas Nick is more inclined to try running and jumping and such. The really neat thing about this though was that Ben was soooo far behind on motor skills in general when he came home and now he is really doing well.

Both boys got a perfect score in problem solving, which was fun to watch. The other section tested was personal-social and they received a good score in that also.

She really liked the puzzles that Ben got for his birthday, as well as the "Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready" book and was planning on buying those herself. She also really liked the posters (ABC's, colors and shapes) we have up on the walls and thought that was a great idea.

So that was all very reassuring and encouraging. I also talked to her a bit about discipline. She has already been there, done that with her kids which is great. The SoonerStart lady is wonderful but she is young and does not have children, which is a huge difference.

I had been thinking about ending both programs because I think the boys are doing great and we don't really need them. I really like Jackie though and she brings a lot of fun ideas for things I can do with the boys. So I think I am going to keep doing this once a month and maybe stop the SoonerStart program.

Nick has to go in today for 2 shots, which will be his last until he is four years old, I think. I am really dreading it because he now understands what is going on and I know he is going to be very upset about it as soon as he sees where we are going. In the past, we would go into the "shot room" and we would sit there for a while, watching the "shot nurse" prepare all of the paperwork. This has always taken quite a while. I told my husband that, now that Nick understands and knows what to expect, we are not doing that anymore. We will not go into the room until she has the paperwork and shots ready so that we can get it over with right away. I am still dreading this. I really dislike shot days, although I am very thankful we have them and they serve a very important function. Still, they are not fun days.

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Lauri said...

That is so great to hear how well they are doing & they have come a long way... you have done such a great job working with them and providing them oppourtunities to grow & learn

Great Job Mom