Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16, 2007 Part 2

I have been procrastinating on finding a babysitter. I have used every excuse in the book to delay this but I know it is something we really need to do and I know it is something God wants us to do. My husband and I need to have a date night once in a while. We need to get out, just the two of us, and spend a little time together once in a while. We have only been married for a little over 2.5 years. We need some time to go to dinner and to a movie a couple of times a month or so. But then, I have a hard time leaving the boys. I am OK leaving them with my sister but it is hard to think of leaving them with someone we don't know. So I have had a hard time with this.

When we took the boys to their Sunday School class this morning, I was talking with one of their teachers and happened to mention this to her...that we really need to find a babysitter. I'm not sure why that came up but it did and I am so happy it did. She is such a sweet lady and her daughter also helps out in their class and she is a very sweet person too. I have talked with them both in the past about homeschooling because they homeschool too. Anyway, the mom mentioned that her daughter babysits so we discussed it (me, the mom and the daughter), they don't live far from us and, WOW, we now have a babysitter! And not just any babysitter. She seems very responsible and very sweet with children and we have been able to observe her with the kids at various times in the boy's class, which is also nice.

This is definitely a God thing! He just knows how to work things out the best way possible. I really had not been comfortable with finding a do you KNOW that they will be good with your kids. I kept thinking, maybe after the boys can talk better, so we will know how it went and how they liked the babysitter. But this is perfect. It couldn't get any better than this. I know I could leave the boys with this babysitter and would feel perfectly comfortable that they were being well cared for, that she was playing with them and they were having a fun time. And I love her mom too, which is great. So, if she was ever unsure of anything and didn't want to bother us on our date, I know she could call her mom for advice and she would be receiving very good advice. And they go to our church! And the boys already know her from their class!! How much better could this be??

I am still planning to have her come over and play with the boys for an hour or two before she babysits for us, so they will know her better and in the context of our home. I think that will make them feel more comfortable (and me) and it will also make things easier because I can show her where everything is and tell her about our routines.

The other great thing about our new babysitter is that she is homeschooled. So, she can babysit during school hours on certain days also, because she schools during whatever hours she wants to school. By the time most homeschoolers get into highschool, they are mostly self-teaching, except in the difficult subjects where they might need some special tutoring or labs or something. But she told us that she babysits during the days some too.

Is this great or what?? God is so good. Sometimes I really need a shove and He is just so good to do it so gently!!

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ChandraJoy said...

WOW! What a day for updates! I'm glad you all got to go Jana's coronation. I bet the boys really enjoyed the environment! Kudos to you for trusting in God to help find a babysitter! It sounds like God was totally involved there!