Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4, 2007

I have lost track of how many days I have been home now. Since my husband is having to work the weekend two weekends in a row, rounding at the hospital for the first half of the day, the days just run together and it gets confusing.

I felt really good yesterday morning, relatively. Today, not so hot. I may have over done it a bit yesterday. They switched my antibiotic yesterday. The first one they put me on had tons of bad side effects. One of them was ruptured tendons and the tendons above my heels had gotten very sore. They didn't want to take that risk and neither did I so they switched me to another antibiotic.

I'm still running a fever, which was my big concern. I talked to my doctor yesterday and he was not concerned about that. He expected it. I asked more questions and he set my expectations better so that was a good thing. I have an appointment for a check and XRay on Monday and I was afraid that if I was still running a fever, they might put me back in the hospital. It seems that's not the case, so I'm OK with it now. My doctor just told me to start taking Tylenol around 6:00pm to keep the fever down, since it normally peaks in the evening/night. I wake up soaking wet around 2:00 or 2:30 because my fever breaks sometime before then. I actually had to get up and change my shirt and put a towel under me a couple of nights. Last night was not quite as bad though, so maybe I am improving.

I am just so very thankful that Jana is here. There is no way I could do this by myself. I don't think they would have let me leave the hospital until someone was here to help, so this was definitely a gift from God.

The boys continue to improve. Nick seems totally back to normal. Ben is still quite clingy and wants to be held a lot. He is funny though because many times, if I sit down with him, he will get down and play. But as soon as I stand up, he runs over and wants me to pick him up. He did this even before I went to the hospital to me and my husband both at times so it is not completely new behavior.

One thing that surprises me is that the boys seem to need more sleep these days. I have been trying to keep to our old schedule but they seem to get too tired and then it is so much harder to get them to bed. I may need to go back to our older schedule of two naps a day for a while. I'm not sure if this is just due to more stress in their lives or what.

My mom had her first chemo session the other day and it went very well. She said she didn't feel anything when they were administering it. It has been a few days now though and, as each day goes by, there is the possibility that more side effects will show up. Thursday and part of Friday she was feeling very very shaky from one of the drugs she has to take. That seems to have gotten better. Today her blood pressure dropped when she got up and went to the kitchen and she fell. My brother was in there with her and tried to lower her gently to the floor but she was too hard for him to hold so I think she did get a bit of a bump and may be a little sore.

Fortunately, my sister is a nurse and my husband is a doctor and we also have a 24 hour number we can call to discuss any issues with a nurse who is knowledgeable on the chemo side effects. So far, I think my sister is just planning to reduce mom's blood pressure meds, if her blood pressure is still low in the afternoon. I am very thankful we have such knowledge available to us. It is reassuring.

It is still unsettling though because, as each day goes by, you just are not sure what new issue may come up and how she is going to be feeling. We are praying that she will tolerate the chemo treatments well and that she won't lose her hair. At this point, I think my sister is actually more worried about the radiation treatment that will follow the chemo than she is the chemo. Please keep mom in your prayers.

Just so you know a little about her, she is one of the most giving and thoughtful people I have ever met in my life. She loves to send people cards and do nice things for people. She has a very gentle and sweet spirit and tends to get her feelings hurt easily. I always feel a bit protective of her. For many years, before I was married, she and I were best buddies. We went on some vacations together, including a trip to San Francisco and another one to Washington D.C. and W. VA. I would go to her house for holidays and usually a week in the summer. We would drive around the little towns and talk about how things had changed and who was doing what these days. In the summer, I would usually do some yard work for her. I enjoyed working in her yard. I will be glad when the boys are a little older and I can start doing things like that for her again. I should be able to next summer, I think.

If you could please keep her in your prayers, we would really appreciate it.

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