Thursday, August 02, 2007

August 2, 2007

Our situation is improving quickly, thankfully.

Our plan today was that I would get the boys up in the morning and after nap and put them down for nap, so that would seem more like normal routine to them. This is working out well.

Another very successful thing is that Jana and I plan a fun activity in the afternoon that the boys can do while I take a break. Yesterday, she set them up with an activity at the kitchen island. Each one had a bowl with a bit of water in it and a sponge and she showed them how to soak up the water and squeeze it back out. They cried when I went for my break but, when she set them up with their activity, they were happy little clams. She also took them into the library to play, which is always a treat for them. They were very quiet when I was taking my break because they were so into the sponge thing. That kept them busy for a while. I saw this activity in the last Parenting magazine and it worked like a charm. Jana was able to make dinner while the boys were playing with their water and sponges.

Today, we decided to get them outside. They have been begging to go out since I have been home. I hate it when they don't get to go outside to play. When we first brought them home, I thought I would make sure they would get to go outside to play every day, at least for a little while. We go through phases where that happens but then things come up and we miss a couple of days.

After nap and lunch, I told them we were going to go outside to play and they were soooo excited. I set them up in the sandbox, with the big umbrella, since it is 90+ degrees here today, and Jana cleaned out the pool and put a couple of inches of water in it. It didn't take long before they were playing in the pool. We put a bunch of toys in there, including their stacking cups and a couple of trucks and they are having a ball. Then I tell them, "momma is going to take a break". Nick whined a little but only for a couple of seconds and then he was back in the pool. The best thing is that they know I am still nearby and they are having a good time and getting out of these four walls for a while. They really needed that and they really needed a good, predictable routine again.

They are also behaving much much better today. This morning, they pretty much sat in my lap all morning. We looked at books, they wanted to rock some and we listened to music. We sang some and they danced some but they were in my lap 85% of the time and they were not fighting about it or displaying jealously, so that was great. Much less acting out.

I think we are getting back on track, slowly but surely. Jana is still doing all of the meal prep, clean up, laundry, etc., which is a huge life saver for me. I feel really great today, when I am taking it easy and lying down:). I start thinking, "Wow, I have so much more energy today and I feel so much better". Then I get up and start to do something and I think, nope, not quite there yet. But I can tell I am improving. I just wish this low grade fever would go away. Hopefully it will soon.

I am so happy to be home with my boys and I am having a wonderful time visiting with Jana and sharing the boys with her. Recovery doesn't get much better then this:).


Debbie said...

Oh my. I just caught up on what you've been through. So glad you're home and doing better.

jeneflower said...

I am exhausted just reading through your past posts. I am glad that things are on the upswing and that you have help. That is so important! I hope she stays a long time.

musicmommy3 said...

I'm so glad that you are doing better.

I just have to say that while I know NOTHING about attachment issues other than what I have read on adoption blogs I know that even bio kids at that age will react much the same as your boys are. When the women of my church would go away for the night to a women's retreat they would talk about how their 1-2 year olds would be upset with them the next day, or just very clingy.
This happened to me personally when I went away for the night when my middle child was about 18 months. He was VERY angry at me the next day and wouldn't hug me for several hours. He got over it quickly though. :):)
I just wanted to encourage you with that. I don't know if it will or not because I have never been in your current situation but I do have to say that I think you are doing a SUPER job with your boys and a SUPER job with your situation at hand. :):)
This is also an opportunity for your boys to learn a tiny bit about trust. They can trust you not to leave them. They know from experience at church that you will come back for them.

Even though this must be very hard God can and will use it for good!!

Blessings and praying for your speedy recovery. (and also for no attachment issues to come from this)

Tonya said...

WHOA! I just popped over for a quick update and I find out that you've been hospitalized!!! Poor thing!!! Don't worry about your kiddos. They will be fine. My kids (all of them) do the same type of things when I go to the *grocery* store without them. I get mobbed when I get home:):):). Glad you are feeling better!