Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 Part 2

For those of you who have been there and done that, I would love some feedback on what kind of potty chair to buy. I am torn between going straight to the little seat that fits on the toilet, along with some steps to get up there, or buying one or two potty chairs. Any recommendations, pros, cons?

I don't think the boys are quite there yet but I would like to start gearing up for the event. I think we might go to a used bookstore today and look for some children's books about learning to potty. I would also like to find a good DVD for them. Since they do not normally watch TV, watching the potty DVD will be real treat:). Any recommendations on books and DVD's will also be greatly appreciated.


Lauri said...

Livi loved " once upon a potty" the have it for boys or girls..they have books & movies. Elmo also has a cute potty Dvd. We borrowed them from the library rather than buying them.

We started with a potty seat
( baby bjorn brand) on a mat or towel in the same room as we spent most of our time. We allowed her to sit on it clothed, play on it and we introduced it that way. She would sit on it while watching her potty movie.

We also have a seat for the potty that she uses now instead of the potty seat. I am a fan of using the potty seat in the same room... gives the child more control and offers relaxed independent approach and can be less intimidating than the big potty.

we introduced Livi to the potty around 18 months.. however did not seriously begin potty training until after she was two.

No harm in introducing it...

musicmommy3 said...

Personally I would go straight to the big potty. For our boys we put them facing backwards (for better aim) seated on the potty with no little seat. (They just straddled it.)For pooping we did use the little insert potty seat thingy. I tried the potty chair but cleaning it out all the time was such a disgusting thing for me. LOL

Have fun!!

MMrussianadoption said...

I have one that sits on the floor and one that fits on the seat. K sits on the seat while O is on the floor model. This way I can do them at the same time. Plus O is a little younger. I do have a step stool now too.

Anonymous said...

I tried all the potty training videos at the library, our favorite was "Potty Power for Boys and Girls",
by Thinkeroo Productions. The songs were cute, and I think that Jessica (the narrator) deserves an Oscar for extreme perkiness while explaining all the details! There are tons of books, but one classic is "Once Upon a Potty", which I think is by Joanna Cole.(who writes the Magic Schoolbus books)

You will need two seats, of course. My two are 4 and 4-1/2 now, and even now if one has to go, the other one suddenly has to, too.

We had an old clunky seat (the friend's daughter who used it is in college now), and we bought a new one. The newer ones all seem to be the kind that come apart into a step stool and a seat that fits on the toilet, that's much better than the old ones.

If you can get by with just the kid seat on the toilet and a step stool, great! (after all, that's where they need to be in the long run, and I always hated cleaning out the potty chair). But my kids weren't big enough for that until they were around 3, and a lot of kids find the toilet very scary.

Good luck!
Sue B

Tonya said...

We did the same thing as Angela (music mommy) and put the boys on the potty backwards. It worked great and helps them learn to aim. BTW, good luck with that:):):). Invest in a can of antibacterial wipes (or 100 cans) because you will need them over the next 10 years.

Hawk said...

Elmo's Potty tape is great for little kids.. and I also recommend having a few books they can read in their as well.

I'd do like someone else suggested, skipping all seats and going straight to the big potty. My reasoning is, if you are out in public and the boys need to potty, are you going to carry around a chair or seat?

I potty train kids at work, about 20 a year, and I say just go straight ot he potty, be very consistant and go with the flow. The youngest we've ever had trained at work is 26 months.. but htat little girl was a fluke.. she was so smart made ME feel dumb.

Regardless, I say go with the big potty only, a step stool and the "lean over" method.