Monday, August 06, 2007

August 6, 2007

Today was my first day to really get out of the house. I even did my hair and put on some make up, much to my husband's relief, I'm sure (he is so sweet, I would never know if he was actually wishing for this...but he did tell me I looked very nice:). It was exhausting though.

Our schedule for the past week or so has me waking up naturally (which is oh so wonderful) sometime between 7:00 and 7:30. My husband has not even been saying goodbye before he leaves for work in the mornings because he doesn't want to wake me. While I miss our goodbyes, I am happy to be sleeping in because I really need the extra sleep right now. Anyway, I have a little breakfast and watch a little news and the boys and Jana are normally awake sometime between 8:00 and 8:30. They have breakfast and then the boys play, while Jana cleans up the kitchen and I sit in the living room, letting them climb on me and reading books as requested.

They have a snack around 10:00 and then they go down for their nap around 11:00, at which time I normally lay down and rest. Today, I had to shower, fix my hair, put on make up, eat and then wake the boys and feed and change them before we headed off to my doctor appointment. So it has been a tiring day for me.

On normal schedule lately would include the boys waking up from nap around 1:00 or 2:00, having lunch and then getting ready to go outside to play. Jana has been great about getting them outside every afternoon to play in the sand box, wading pool and on the swing set. They are really having a ball with her, they love being outside and it gives me more breaks during the day, which I still need.

My appointment went well. My lung sounds better, I am healing more and feeling better every day. My lung still looks kind of yucky in the XRay, but that's to be expected and can take another couple of weeks to clear up. I still get tired more easily than normal and my lung hurts when I take a deep breath. I find it very painful to lay on my left side and I can't sneeze. My body has tried to sneeze twice, since I have been sick. As soon as it tries to take a big breath, I feel such pain that my body immediately stops trying to sneeze. It is actually kind of an odd experience.

I did get outside and do a little weeding yesterday, more than I should have actually. I won't be doing that again anytime soon...but it looked so bad, I had to do something. I just went out to pull one or two weeds and ended up pulling a bunch of them and then was too tired to put the piles into a bag. My husband was not too happy with me when he had to go outside and finish it because he had already showered, from having worked outside earlier and being all hot and sweaty and it was really hot and humid here yesterday. At times, I'm feeling a bit stir crazy around here but then I feel too tired to get out and do anything. So I guess I'm taking it easy for a few more days. Jana is staying with us until Saturday, for which I am very thankful.

The boys continue to improve. Nick seems like is really back to normal, although Ben may still be a little more insecure than before my hospital stay. Our efforts at slowing Ben down with his eating are really working well. They had a sandwich yesterday for lunch and we cut the bites in half the size they would normally be and only gave him half of them to start with (he looked at the dish and immediately said "more?". He got over that though and it really worked well. He and Nick finished about the same time. We only gave Ben half of his oatmeal to start with this morning and both boys have gotten to where they really like cheerios on their oatmeal. This actually helps because it means Ben has to stop and chew the oatmeal/cheerios, where normally he just swallowed the oatmeal right down and shoveled in another bite. Having only half as much in his bowl also prevented him from getting the large spoonfuls he normally got. All in all, it slowed him down so much that he didn't finish all of his oatmeal this morning, which was great because we were normally giving Ben more than we give Nick and Nick never finishes his. I think this new plan was just what we needed and Ben is not frustrated by always hearing "no more", when his brother is not even half way finished eating. Of course, we let them have as much of the veggies as they want and they are likely to fill up on them and not want any else if we let them. It is quite amusing to watch. Jana was amazed at how they ate broccoli and are now requesting it by name (only a mother could understand it though:).

My mom is not tolerating her first chemo treatment well. Her blood pressure has dropped and, even though she is not taking her blood pressure medicine, it is staying too low. My brother and sister are staying with her around the clock because she is pretty much spending the majority of her time in bed. She feels very very achey and does not feel up to sitting up for more than 15 or 20 minutes, maybe once a day. I'm not sure how well she is eating; I'll have to ask about that. My sister called the 24 hour on-call nurse hot line today and was asking about changing mom's antibiotic (protects her from infection while her white blood count is low from the chemo). She is taking the same one I was taking, that has a ton of bad side effects, although she is on a lower dosage. The hope is that maybe some of the achey-ness would go away if she could switch to a different antibiotic. They may have to adjust her chemo treatment to fix her low blood pressure.

I hope they are able to work through these issues so mom can tolerate the treatments better. I think if they cannot make it a bit more tolerable, she won't take the treatments. I can understand though. If she spends the entire three months in bed, she won't be able to walk. They really have to do something. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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