Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31, 2007

We have had an exciting past few days around here, not all of it in a positive way.

My last post was on Thursday, when Ben was running a low-grade temp and I was looking forward to spending Friday with my mom and sister. Ben's temp was gone on Friday so we're thinking it was just teething. I had a nice time with my mom and sister, although it was hard to go shopping for wigs. She found one that she really like and it looked very nice on her and she also found a couple of nice scarves that she liked.

Here's where the fun begins. Friday evening, I went into our bedroom to take my little break and the boys were playing with their daddy. I noticed I was feeling achy and was thinking I was probably coming down with whatever Ben had. When I went back to the living room to start getting the boys ready for bed, I was shivering pretty badly so I knew the fever was coming on. We did a very quick bedtime routine and, by the time we got downstairs, I was shaking uncontrollably.

The shaking went on from about 8:00 pm until around 11:00 pm and my fever just kept going up, up, up. The last time we took it, before the ambulance came, it was at 104.9 and the right side of my chest was hurting so badly when I took a breath that I was hyperventilating. I felt like I could not get enough air and it hurt really badly and I was scared.

This was my first ride in an ambulance and I wouldn't recommend it. It was miserable, especially because I was in so much pain. I could not even move. They had to lift me onto the gurney, which was very painful. They kept assuring me that I was getting enough air, my blood oxygen level was fine and I needed to focus on slowing down my breathing and taking deep breaths. Easy for them to say. I could not take a deep breath because it hurt too badly.

At the ER, they ended up cutting off my shirt because I was in too much pain to move. They were very nice about it and protected my modesty with a gown, unlike those TV shows where they just cut everything off and let them lie there naked on the table (but, then again, I had not just been shot in a gang fight).

Turns out I have a bad case of pneumonia. Approximately two nights before this all began, I was lying in bed (probably typing on my laptop) and somehow (don't ask me how) I aspirated whatever saliva that was in the back of my throat and it apparently went deep enough into my lungs to cause this whole fiasco.

I came home today and am very tired and weak, still in some pain, not able to take very deep breaths (but much better than Friday night) and still running a low-grade fever. I didn't sleep well at the hospital, especially last night, so that has not helped in my recovery.

I have 9 holes (well, not really holes, but bruises, sores, whatever you want to call them) in my left arm/wrist/hand and six in my right, three of them from IV's, the rest from blood draws (and mistakes...but I have very difficult veins) and a few more in my stomach for something they were giving me so that I would not get blood clots while I was unable to get up and around (I insisted (begged) that they cancel that order this morning, before they stuck me again).

I am taking a pretty serious antibiotic to cover the pneumonia and also some other, very odd, psudeomonas (?sp) infection that showed up in my first blood sample. That has them very stump because it is pretty rare and they would normally not expect to see that unless the person had been on a ventilator. I think we all decided it was a fluke and, most probably from a contaminated blood draw although, even then, it is very very rare. So that is just a freaky thing (actually, this whole thing was a freaky event). They even sent an infectious disease doctor to talk to me about it yesterday, just to be on the safe side. It never showed up again though, so that is good news.

To make the situation a bit more complicated, my husband is doing his two weeks on-call at the hospital right now, so he has to do hospital rounds everyday, even Sat and Sun. My sister raced up here on Friday night to stay with the boys Friday night and on Saturday and a neighbor rushed over until she got here. A friend from a Bible study I was in stayed with them on Sun and Mon. My niece, Jana, came last night and will be staying with us for a while, which is such a blessing. My sister dropped her off, along with a meal that she cooked and another meal that a friend of hers cooked for us.

When I got home from the hospital the boys were just waking up from their naps (not downstairs yet) and I was feeling a bit queasy from this antibiotic so I immediately went to lay down for a few minutes. When I heard them out there, I could not stay in here another minute. I had to go see my boys. I missed them so much and have been worried about them, from an attachment perspective. They were both so happy to see me, it was heart warming. I held them for a while and sat with them while they ate their lunch and then they went off to play so I sneaked away to rest for a little while....and now I am telling you all about it:).

So, that was my hospital adventure. Exciting huh?  Everyone is warning me to be very careful not to over do things. It is going to be hard because, right now, I just feel like lying in bed, yet when I hear my niece tell the boys that "mommy's taking a break" and then hear them crying for me, it breaks my heart. That's what I told her to say because they know what that means and I didn't want them thinking I had left again.

I know they missed me and they missed the consistency we had in our lives for the past 6 months and I still feel that they need that so badly. It worries me...and I want to be with them. I missed them so much. Did I say that already?

I have been very teary eyed today, from feeling so badly and lack of sleep and missing the boys and also my mom started her chemo today. Please keep us in your prayers.


Lauri said...

Oh My Goodness Lea.. please take care of yourself and get better soon.. how scary.. not being able to breathe. I cant Imagine that..dont want too

Take care of your self..



knicksgrl0917 said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel so much better soon! Don't worry too much about the boys! I got sick 2 months after my daughters adoption with a `103 fever for 1 month!!! My daughter did ok with the sitters and finally bonded with my husband. In the long run it was ok. You will be ok! Just get better!
Kristin, Jim and Klaire

Jana H said...

Oh, my precious Lea. I'm so glad I got to come down here and stay with you. I have faith that B will know who is mommy is after your guests leave. I hated that he was so attached to Kelly. I will definitely be praying that you will regain your strength and that God will take this awful thing from you. I know everything will be all right. I hope you sleep well tonight. You need it. I love you my dear. Sweet dreams.

ChandraJoy said...

Oh My! Lea, I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this. My daddy called me today and said that you had been in the hospital. I'm so sorry I did not hear about this until now. (Our family is really GREAT at communicating, huh?) I am keeping you close to my heart and in my prayers. I pray your recovery is speedy. I am so glad that Jana is there to help out.
Much Love

kate said...


MMrussianadoption said...

you need to take care of yourself or this thing will linger for eternaty. I hope you feel better soon. If you lived closer I would love to help out any way I could.

Hawk said...

Lea you are in my prayers! Please relax and feel better... perhaps suggest a few "quiet" activities the boys can do with you in 15 min increments, one at a time.. on eon one bonding.. reading a book, playing with quiet toys.. teh likes.

Feel better soon!

6blessings said...

Oh Lea. I'm glad you are home and hope that you heal quickly. What a horrible adventure!

I know the boys will be just fine. Take care of yourself. I'm glad you have help. Hope you feel better soon.