Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007

The latest thing around our house these days is that Nick is very into climbing everything he can. He has figured out that climbing can get him to some pretty good places and he tries to climb pretty much anything now. He can now climb into the chairs at the kitchen table, as well as just about every chair and couch in the house, except for the high chairs at the island and his highchair (but he keeps trying). I would like to move away from high chairs and start using booster chairs soon.

The other thing is that I am moving the boys away from sippy cups when we are at home. We will still use them when we are out and about but for here at home we are done with them. Today I switched them to cups with lids and straws and, for one meal, a plain old smallish cup with no lid. Nick really liked the regular, no lid, cup the best and I kept having to pour more milk into his cup because he was really into drinking out of it. I only poured a little at a time, maybe two inches, but he did pretty well with it. He only tipped it up too far and got it all over his face once, so that's not bad for a first try. I will be giving them the plain old cup more and more until they become pros with it. I figure we had to do it when we were little, because they didn't have sippy cups, so they can do it too. I'm sure I will have to clean up some messes but, hey, that's what moms do.

My number one reason for doing this now is that I know it will help them tremendously with their pronunciation, which they need. Number two is that I don't like cleaning sippy cups and Nick is biting through his cups anyway so I would have to buy more soon. He also bites the straw but those are cheaper:). I think they will do great with regular cups and I'm looking forward to the switch.


Tonya said...

I had no idea that getting rid of sippy cups would help with pronuciation! I can see how, though. I guess Lyra's sippy days are over. She already drinks out of a regular cup at meals, but I still give her a sippy to haul around if she is drinking on the go. Her pronuciation is awful though so I am going to do away with sippys and see if that helps.

Anonymous said...

(OT: Just wanted to say Hi Lea. "Hi Lea").