Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27, 2007

Ben woke up from his nap with a fever yesterday. My husband has felt like he was fighting a cold so maybe Ben picked up something from him.

Ben actually slept pretty good last night...better than I did anyway. He woke up crying at 11:00pm and didn't seem that he would be stopping on his own so I went up to him. He stopped as soon as I picked him up and he didn't feel hot so his Motrin was still working. But Nick heard/saw me so he woke up crying too and wanting to be held. I put Ben back into his bed and told them both it was night night time, patted them on the back, told them soothing things, etc. They still screamed and cried when I left. I cringed and waited around and they stopped pretty quickly, thankfully. I heard Ben again around 3:00 (very briefly) and then around 4:00 (a little less briefly, but still somewhat brief), at which time I went upstairs, thinking I would need to give him another dose of motrin, but then I didn't hear him again so I went back to bed, although could not get back to sleep. My husband's alarm went off at 4:45 and I gave up after that.

The boys woke up early this morning, primarily because Ben woke up crying and this time there was not stopping. Once his motrin kicks in, he pretty much acts like normal, which is good.

We went to OKC yesterday for the apostilles for our post placement reports. I will be FedEx-ing them out this morning to arrive on Monday. They are due on Tuesday so we are one day early, which is too close for comfort for me. I learned some lessons from this first report. Next time we will start earlier, I will make sure I have a copy of the SW guidelines with me when the SW comes to my house to discuss how everything is going, I will make sure I get to review the reports in advance and I will make sure to set a target completion date at least two weeks before the reports are due. Hopefully that will allow us to still get them in at least a week in advance, in the event of any issues.

I am almost done reading the Genesis of a Legacy book by Ken and Steve Ham. It is such an excellent book, I will be sad to finish it, will refer to it in the future and likely reread it at some point. I am anxious to look at the other books they have available.

My mom and sister are coming for a visit today and I will be taking my mom to shop for a wig to wear when she loses her hair to the chemo. Her first treatment is Tuesday. I can't think about it too much because it makes me cry. I know that's not what she needs right now so I just have to continue to pray for her and provide encouragement, support and mostly lots of love.

I ran into a lady yesterday at the grocery store who is a three time survivor of breast cancer. She told me a bunch of useful and interesting information, including the name of a good place to shop for a wig nearby. She was very sweet. Her first bout with cancer was when she was 32 years old and nursing one of her children. She has been cancer free now for 5 years. She was very encouraging.

My husband is on call at the hospital for the next two weeks, including weekends, so there will be no rest for the weary for a while:). He has to do hospital rounds every morning so I won't be going to church for two weekends. I can't take a stroller in and it would just be impossible for me to take the boys by myself when they are still this young. If one decided that he was just not going to go (in or out), I would not be able to handle picking them both up. They are so heavy now, I can only carry them both at the same time if I get them from their beds or can sit one of them on the changing table or something and, even then, I can't carry them for very long.

I am hoping that this virus Ben has will pass our home quickly this time and that we won't be shut indoors for a couple of weeks like we were last time.

Well, this was a real cheery post, now was it? It is a very pretty day here and I am looking forward to visiting with my mom and sister today.

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Tonya said...

Genesis of a Legacy is a FANTASTIC book! I agree! We watched the DVD that sort of goes along the same lines the other night (Raising Godly children in an Ungoldly world) and Landon said it was the best parenting seminar he had ever heard. (We've done a few:)). You'll love the rest of their stuff just as much. They have great books for kids too.