Friday, June 08, 2007

June 8, 2007

So this evening, I went into the kitchen to take my allergy medicine. The glass of water I had been drinking earlier was sitting on the island so I picked it up, took a big swig of water and swallowed my allergy medicine. Then, I walked to the fridge and started putting ice in my glass of water because I always keep a glass of ice water next to my bed at night.

My husband, sitting in his office in the next room, heard me getting the ice to put into my glass of water. From his office, he said urgently, "Dancer (the cat) drank out of your glass of water a while ago".

That's great, thanks for the head's up honey:).

We were laughing about it later (after I asked why he had not simply poured the water out, after seeing the cat drink from it;) and he said "you have to wonder how many times that happens around here and we never know it".

Sadly enough, it's probably much more often than we would want to know, since we have two cats. Although, it also probably only happens to me, since my husband normally only drinks coffee or Diet Rite (from a can) in the house and the kids drink milk from sippy cups. I'm the one who consistently keeps a glass of water sitting around all the time.

I guess it is fair, since they are my cats:).

In other news, we had a fun time at the zoo today and the boys were really great, which was a miracle since they were missing their nap. They took a good nap afterwards though, starting in the car on the way home. I think the highlight for this trip to the zoo was the company. We went with a group of women and young children and I enjoyed visiting with everyone. There is a wonderful park at the zoo, where the kids had a lot of fun playing and we had a great close up view of two Asian elephants. The elephant handlers were giving them treats, explaining how and why they train them and walking them through their paces on some of the commands they knew. It was very good, except that little 19 and 20 month olds have short attention spans. So we went to the back and had a snack until it was time to move on. The weather was absolutely beautiful here today. It was breezy, cool (mostly in the 70's) and clear blue skies...the perfect day for the zoo.

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MMrussianadoption said...

I hope you post pictures of your day at the zoo. Sounds like fun. That is gross about the water though.