Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10, 2007 Part 2

My husband finished the new sandbox for the boys and they really love it. He did a great job on it and it is a wonderful size for several kids to play together.
It has nice little seats in the corners and he also made a great cover to protect it from the weather, trees and cats.
It is shaded in the morning but, at some point in the middle of the day, the sun starts hitting it. So we moved the large umbrella down there and it worked out perfectly.

The only issue is the location. It is smack dab in the middle of the new flower bed I had started creating last year but had not started planting yet. I moved the large rocks there last year to outline the area and I moved in a lot of the dirt and transplanted a couple of shrubs and flowers but still have a lot to plant.
This is the flattest area in our side yard and we also did not have to destroy a large section of our grass. Of course, we have the risk of the large, hard rocks right next to the sandbox but mom will be there to help and protect and, as they get older, the boys will enjoy climbing on the rocks. I still plan to plant more flowers and shrubs in the rest of this bed but it is slow going so far (I've been a little busy lately). I will be posting some pictures soon of the gardens in the front of our house, that I spent oodles of hours ripping out and replanting last spring.

Here is daddy playing with play dough with the boys. It was really cute. It didn't last long...they are not quite into the play dough thing yet.

Here are some toys I bought at Tuesday Morning recently. That is definitely one of my very favorite stores. The boys really love the little dog and are pretty good at threading the pieces together, although it is a challenge for mom to keep track of all of the pieces. I probably put it back together and count the pieces (and search for missing ones) at least twice a day.
Ben likes trying to work the puzzles. Nick likes throwing them in the floor:).


Lauri said...

Nice sandbox... those lacing beads are nice & chunky... cute. I love Tuesday mornings as well.

Thats great... toddlers keep the lbs away

kate said...

Hey--welcome back. I'd love that dog-on-a-string. I miss Tuesday Morning.

6blessings said...

I just dropped by to say "Happy Mother's Day". I'm so glad you're back.