Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 4, 2007

Yep, we've been sick again:). I ended up getting some sort of stomach virus that made me so sick that I couldn't hardly stand up or move without being sick. My husband had to hurry home from work to help with the boys because there was no way I could take care of them when I was like this. My sister rushed to our aid on Thursday night and she spent the night with us and helped care for the boys on Friday until my husband could get home from work. The throwing up part ended on Thursday night but I was very weak and could hardly eat anything on Friday. Saturday was a bit better but definitely not 100% yet but today I am 100% better. Yeah!

So far, nobody else here has gotten this stomach bug, thankfully. I was so worried that they would end up with it and am so happy that, so far, nobody has gotten it. I hear it is really going around. On the other hand, the boys now have some sort of cold virus again and we suspect they might have picked it up in the nursery at church last Sunday. So the boys and I have stayed home today, with hopes that we can all get well quickly.

Some dear friends gave us a baby (toddler:) shower yesterday and it was just amazing. Everything was so sweet and cute and there were probably about 18 or 20 people there. The boys received so many wonderful presents, it was just so nice. Before opening the gifts, I spent a little time telling our story and especially about the second trip when we brought our sons home. My husband brought the boys over for a visit, just as I was finishing up opening up the gifts so everyone got to meet them. They were a little shy at first but they warmed up pretty quick and had a good time. It was really a very special time for us all.

Tomorrow is a big day too, since Sooner Start will be coming by from 10:00 to noon to evaluate Benjamin on his physical, verbal and occupational abilities. They will be here again on Tuesday to evaluate Nicholas. At this point, I would not be surprised for it to go either way really (they need some therapy or they don't) because we have seen them both developing so quickly, it really is just amazing. At first, I was sure that Ben would need some therapy but now I'm just not that sure about either of them. So I will be very interested in hearing what they think.

The boys certainly have enough educational toys to help them along these days. We are going to start working on a sandbox for them, as soon as the weather warms up again. It got pretty cold here again just recently but I don't think it will last long and I am hoping it does not damage any of my new little plants that are just starting to spring up out of the ground. I am really looking forward to having the sandbox so that we have something fun to play with outside when the weather is warm. We also have the swingset that we refurbished for them but they are still a little young for it. It's really hard to get them in and out of the swings if there is only one person...actually, the time we tried it they were wearing snowsuits so we'll have to try it again when the weather is warmer and then I can probably do it by myself. One of the gifts from the shower yesterday was a little wagon full of sandbox toys, shovels, rakes, molds, buckets, etc. so they will have a lot of fun with that once they have a sandbox.

Well, the little guys are waking up so I must run.


kate said...

(Blogger hasn't let me comment for ages!)

Glad you're feeling better! A nice indoor option to your sandbox would be a bean table. Or, even just a bean bowl! Fill up a large container with dried beans and let them dig around. (This requires close supervision, nach, so there's no choking, beans up the nose, etc.)

MMrussianadoption said...

I like the idea Kate had. Hope you feel better. It is so hard for mama's to be sick and still be ablet to care for their little ones.