Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March 6, 2007

The Sooner Start folks were here again today, this time to evaluate Nicholas. Once again, it went very well, the people who were here were great and the boys were very comfortable with them. The boys were a bit more cranky today though, due to missing a nap yesterday and then a delayed nap this morning. They really don't do well at all on just one nap a day and it's double trouble if it happens two days in a row.

Nick was evaluated on all of the same criteria that Ben was evaluated on (see yesterday's post). His results were just as I suspected they would be. He is behind on his verbal skills and pretty much on track for everything else. I wasn't sure if he was behind far enough to qualify for services but today we found out that he is.

They will be calling us in the next day or two to set up the first meeting with the therapist. We have already met her, as she was one of the people who came out to evaluate Ben yesterday. I really liked her a lot so I am happy they picked her to be our therapist. They said the first appointment is normally within one to two weeks of the evaluation so we should be seeing her soon, which is great.

I am relieved that we will have help and guidance on how best to bring the boys up to speed on their verbal skills and also the adaptive and social skills for Ben. I was more concerned about their verbal skills than anything else really because I have seen Ben catching up so quickly on many of the other skills. But when I would sit around and think about all of the words and phrases that they boys did not recognize, it was a bit overwhelming to think about how we were going to teach them everything and get them caught up on our own. I have to remember that it doesn't happen overnight. The boys will be able to have services until the day before their third birthday, as long as they qualify. They will re-evaluate them once a year to see if they still need services. I am very pleased with how our state handled this and relieved that they offer these services to families and they are so easy to obtain.

In other news, I am working on my prayer life. We have had so many things going on since the boys came home, along with just trying to get used to our new kind of family life and all of the demands, that I have not been good about my prayer life and also my quiet time, reading God's Word.

Today, I really needed the help that only He can give. The boys and I all have colds and then add to that two days with interrupted naps; it makes for a tired, stressed out momma and cranky children who want a lot of attention. So today I really started praying and it is amazing how quickly God answers, even His wayward children. I am so thankful. He gave me the peace to handle today with a calm voice, even when things were crazy. He gave me the patience and energy I needed, just when I needed it. Thank you Lord; please help me remember to turn to you and pray all throughout my day.


jeneflower said...

Pineapple is being evaluated on Thursday by the early intervention people. I hope she qualifies for help too. I am so glad that there are programs like these! I took her to a developmental specialist and she said it would be so helpful!

Thanks for reminding me to pray when things get hard- sometimes I forget!

Anonymous said...

great reminder about prayer.... hoping all goes well with EI... its a great resource and kids can make such huge strides