Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26, 2007

Thanks so much for all of the great advice. I really appreciate it and am already putting some of it into use, with more to come.

Things here have been fairly uneventful since my last post. We had another visit from my sister and mom. The boys are getting to know them and enjoy their visits. My sister always comes prepared to cook a yummy meal. This time was a special visit because it was my birthday and my mom's birthday is the day after mine, so we were celebrating both birthdays. My sister made her wonderful lasagna for us and we all enjoyed it tremendously. She also made an extra for me to put in the freezer for later, which was so nice and thoughtful of her. She brought cupcakes that she had made and my mom brought us a small cake so we had some good treats today.

Since we have Valentine's Day, our anniversary and my birthday so close together in Feb., we are never without fattening food. I have enjoyed it too much:).

The weather here has been beautiful so the boys and I were able to get out and take strolls a couple of days. I like getting them out of the house and I am becoming more efficient and confident about taking them places.

I was also able to get out and do a little yard work, during naps on Friday and Saturday. It was quite a treat for me. I really enjoy doing yard work; I find it relaxing and rewarding, even if it does require hard work at times. I am anxiously awaiting April to see how the many many azaleas that I planted last year turn out. It took a lot of hard work so I will be very disappointed if they are not blooming beautifully this year. I will include pics when the time comes.

We took the boys to church again yesterday. My husband stayed with them the first hour, while I went to our Bible study class. We left them the second hour and went to the church service and they did fine. When we returned, they were each being rocked; Nicholas looked like he was asleep and Benjamin was well on his way. They were happy to see us though. We took them to one of our favorite restaurants to eat and they did really well. That was only the second time they have been out to eat, since they have been home. Today they will be going to the grocery store for the first time. First's are always fun.

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