Friday, February 16, 2007

February 16, 2007

One week down, a million left to go:). This was our first full week of me staying home by myself with the boys and my husband going to work. We had a pretty good week, considering everything that we had going on. I am very glad that it is Friday though.

The boys had good naps today, I was able to get a great night of sleep last night, and Nicholas was definitely feeling much much better today. So, all of the stars were aligned!

I have been able to spend a ton of time with them this week. I am trying very hard to do the house work when they are sleeping or just let it go. I never use the computer, watch TV or read while they are awake. They do not watch any television. I engage with them, either watching them play and commenting on what they are doing or showing me, reading to them, giving lots of hugs and kisses and rocking and playing with them, playing children's music and singing to them, etc.  We have had a lot of fun.

Ben is now around 16.5 months old and Nick is now about 15 months old. We were looking at some of the pics from when we first met the boys and were amazed at how much they have already changed.


Lauri said...

I can really relate to feeling you like are just saying " No" constantly.... for me its the thinking of If i dont nip this in the bud now than I will have a bigger problem later, like its my job to teach her the way and her job to test me... it can be very draining. On days like that I have to look for ways to give her the green light, to say yes and to occasionally look the other way when she is pushing buttons just to get a reaction.

I also struggle with being too involved, sometimes I need to and take a moment for myself so she can see that Im taking care of myself and being a good example and teaching her to have a love of books.

Your doing a great job

Pat & Alli said...

Congratulations on surviving your first week!! It's not an easy task I know. Our two beautiful children, adopted from Kazakhstan, are 8 days apart. The were 9 months when we arrive home and are now almost 2 1/2. People ask "How do you do it?" and my standard answer is lots of coffee! It will get easier as you go. You'll get to know what makes them tick and they will learn the ways of your family. Now the journey really begins and it's a thrilling ride!!
Best wishes to you all.