Sunday, February 11, 2007

February 11, 2007

Yesterday evening, my husband and I were both in the living room, playing with the boys. Benjamin decided to start working on his walking again. I was sitting on the couch and he was standing next to me, holding on. All of a sudden, he put both of his hands above his head and took off walking across the living room, with a huge grin on his face (I really must try to capture a picture of him doing this). My husband and I were both surprised because it was really the first time that he attempted to walk more than 2 or 3 steps without help. He can now take 7 or 8 steps on his own, although he normally ends up picking up speed along the way, which causes him to fall. It is very funny to watch him though because he always puts both arms straight up. I think he figured out that this helps him maintain his balance a little better.

He is so happy with his progress, every time he attempts to walk. It is really cute to see him learning to walk and I am happy we have been able to see this, since we have missed out on so many other firsts. He has also started using his pincer grasp at times and is feeding himself more and more. It is absolutely amazing how far he has come in just a month or less of being with us.

This morning, my husband and I were talking about things now, as I was sharing with him my thoughts that I posted about yesterday. I was saying how their play time is so very important to them and it is so obvious by just looking at how far Ben has come in his development in just a few weeks. It really never occurred to me before, that play time for children is so important to their development. I guess that just tells how little I understood about child development. There really is so much to learn. For now, we will just hang out a lot and let them play as much as they want.

When they are playing, I normally sit in a nearby chair or on the floor with them. I am usually either trying to play with them, teaching them little things here and there, or just watching and commenting when they show me something or bring something over for me to examine. And then they will come over to be picked up and loved on every once in a while also. It is a special time for us and I think it is invaluable.

For so long, they were separated by the adults in their life by barriers. They were either in a crib or a play pen. They spent their time with other children their age, learning what they could and doing what they could to get by in that environment. They had very interaction with adults. So now, they really need as much of it as they can get, along with their play time, and they just eat it up. They love to be with us. If I am doing something in the kitchen, they will normally drag toys into the kitchen to be near me. So I normally try to put kitchen work on hold until they are napping and I spend my time with them when they are awake.

Being a parent is a wonderful blessing. Being a mom is a beautiful thing. I really do love it and I love them so much more every day. Time to go get them up from nap.


kate said...

Simple pleasures are certainly best. Play is child's work--so never feel time spent playing is wasted. Treasure it up!

Debbie said...

I've been so busy. I missed so many of your posts.
I'm so glad to hear that B is starting to walk. He sounds adorable. I hope you're able to get a picture of that. And the Dancer stories are so cute. Dancer seems to be very protective. Sweet.
I do hope you are able to keep blogging for awhile but understand the need to be with your boys.

MMrussianadoption said...

that is so great about him taking his first real walk. you must get that on video