Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4, 2007 Part 2

The boys seem to gravitate towards each other when they are playing, if my husband and I are busy with something and not playing with or reading to them.

Dancer keeps a close eye out from the top of the chair. They sometimes move things around in such a way that Dancer would like to play too.

Yesterday evening, I was "holding" Nick in my arms because he had been hitting Ben. Nick does not like to be held against his will so he was crying. Dancer came over twice, jumped up on the chair next to Nick and was trying to touch his nose to Nick's face. I think Dancer was worried about Nick and did not like to hear him cry.

The boys get jealous of each other sometimes. Both my husband and I will be sitting in the living room and if one of the boys goes over to one of us, the other one will go too and they kind of try to push each other away. Also, it seems that if I tell them "no" about something, that is the thing they immediately want to do again and again. I have seen Nick do this when I am preparing them something to eat in the kitchen and can't pick him up. He will play with the wooden blinds, open drawers that he knows he should not open and hit his brother, all within 5 minutes,and usually while looking directly at me, to see if I am going to stop him.

This is Ben, looking at a book. They both seem to know what "book" is now and Nick has tried to say it. They love books and will bring them to us quite often for us to read them, although they don't always stick around for us to finish. When we first met them, we could tell they did not know the purpose of a book. They are really learning a lot quickly. When I show them an object and tell them the word for it several times, I can tell by the expression on their face that their little minds swirling it around and they are learning.

And here is Ben, rocking in the chair. This chair was mine and my brother's and sister's when we were little. They are twins and are only a year older than I am, so we were close enough in age to share it. Nick and Ben both like this little chair. Nick can get into it by himself and will sometimes stand up in it so I have to watch him. Ben needs help getting in and out, but not for long. He is coming right along on his walking and I know he will be walking without help soon.


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6blessings said...

The new pics are so sweet. The boys are absolutely adorable. Again, I'm glad all is progressing so well. They sound like normal kids, trying to see how much they can accomplish and how far they can push mom's buttons. Again, congratulations on your beautiful family.

MMrussianadoption said...

they are just so cute. I missed so many of your latest pitures and posts. I think my little one is trying to say block, and uh-oh. Only he can only say the uh part. Hopefully soon he will be speaking.