Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4, 2007

This is Nicholas with our cat Dancer. I can't figure out why Dancer sticks around for this kind of torture but he does, at least once or twice a day. For some reason, he really likes Nicholas and Nicholas loves to bounce around on Dancer and pull his tail. Nick tried to bite Dancer's tail this morning. It is really funny to watch, although also a little painful, because I am always worried that he might hurt Dancer or that Dancer might lose his patience and try to scratch Nick. I have seen several babies bounce around on Dancer over the years though and I have yet to see him scratch one of them, so maybe I needn't worry about it so much.

Our other cat (Zoe), on the other hand, will not let them get any where near her (pictures of her are in another post, back in Nov or Dec, I think...around the time I first learned to post pics on the blog). She was trying to sleep in her basket in the kitchen the other day and Nick decided to try to pet her or, more likely, pound on her (I didn't see it) and she must have been somewhat unfriendly because he started crying. I could not find any scratches on him so she must not have been too mean to him. She is one who would do this though and we know that because she slapped our friend's daughter and left two tiny scratch/puncture marks on her arm. She too was bothering Zoe when she was trying to sleep in this same basket and Zoe let her know that she did not want to be bothered. The rest of the time our friend's little girl was staying here, she would always ask "is that Dancer or Zoe" before she would try to pet one of the cats because she knew Dancer was the friendly one and Zoe was definitely not.

Unfortunately, our two sons are just a bit young to know there is a difference between the two cats. I can tell them apart easily, even by their meows usually, but my husband still has trouble telling them apart sometimes so I'm sure the boys probably won't be able to for a while. We try to really watch them when Zoe is around and usually Zoe is really good about staying up where they can't reach her. Dancer, on the other hand, is really part dog and loves to be in the floor with them.

When I lived in Houston as a single person, I lived in a townhouse with a front courtyard that had an iron gate that would squeak when opened. Whenever anyone came in the gate, Dancer would immediately run to the kitchen growling and he would stand up on his hind legs and look out the kitchen window. So I have known for a long time now that he is an unusual cat. His behavior with the boys just confirms it again. I wonder how many of his nine lives he is going to use up with these little guys.

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kate said...

Wow--Dancer is an amazingly tolerant cat!